Pentecost 21 – Share Space With Music – October 25, 2020

One thing that occurs to me is that Sunday will be a perfect day to make a hearty pot of Stone Soup. You may remember this great story from your childhood, or maybe you read it to your own children and grandchildren. A tired and hungry traveler shows up in a poor village with no food, no pot, no water, and no wood for a fire, saying that he knows how to make soup from a stone. The villagers can’t wait to witness the miracle of making soup from a stone. But of course the miracle is what happens in community when generosity rises up.

Villagers rush to bring a large iron pot, wood for the fire, buckets of water to fill the pot, and three round smooth stones. Then they realize how much better the soup would be with a little salt and pepper — then carrots, cabbage, potatoes, several sides of beef, barley, and milk. Soon they have a stew that is fit for a king, as they say, and they feast together long into the night with bright torches and beautifully set tables — and with bread, and a roast, and cider. They dance, laugh, and celebrate, enjoying the miracle of fellowship and Christian community that their own generosity has created.

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