Spiritual Formation

A Graceful Engagement with Scripture

Join our weekly Bible study, which meets at 9 am, between the 8 am and 10 am Sunday services each week in the Guild Room.  Those gathered read the scriptures together and talk about how the words and meanings affect their lives.  This is a lively and spirited group.  Everyone is welcome to come any week. Coffee is served.

Classes and programs for adults include this Sunday morning conversation about life and the Bible as part of Emmanuel’s Adult Spiritual Formation program. Open to all who wish to deepen their spiritual journey. Most of these gatherings are around a table; refreshments are usually served. Please contact the church office or the Rector for more information on the program.

Pastoral Care

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who cares for us and leads us in the path that God has set for all of us. We believe God calls us to actively care for one another. The mission of the Pastoral Care Committee is to help meet the spiritual needs of our parish family. The vision is to continue to build a strong foundation and to continue to grow from there. Emmanuel offers prayer, spiritual guidance and a true sense of belonging and love. We experience pastoral care through prayer, the prayer chain, the prayer basket, phone calls, card ministry, visitation, baptism, weddings, and funerals. Every Sunday there is a prayer basket available in the church to parishioners and visitors to place the name of those they would like the congregation to pray for healing and wholeness.

There has been a card ministry serving Emmanuel faithfully. Pastoral care is also experienced whenever a parishioner reaches out lovingly to another. Audrey Bennett oversees the email prayer chain. Along with the Rector, Deb DeAscentis reaches out to those in need by phone and in person to offer support.