Parish Growth Program


The main job of the committee is to “tell the story” of the “great things that are happening at Emmanuel Church”. The committee assesses how the church now communicates to those in the communities the church serves. It looks at the church signage and how it presents the church to the community. It determines how easy it is to find our parish for a new person. The committee reviews internet presence including the web site, Facebook page, publicizing events on local internet listings, and how current is the information presented. It also makes sure there are materials, like brochures banners, and bulletin boards, for visitors to become aware of what the church and ministry are. Please contact the Parish office for more information about the Promotion Committee

Greeters and Newcomers

ministries_parishgrowthGreeters provide a warm welcome to everyone who comes through our doors, answer questions newcomers may have as well as introduce newcomers to the Rector and other parishioners at Coffee Hour. All that is required is the willingness to be open, helpful and friendly to both newcomers and regular attendees and to present our newcomer gift bag to any first-time attendee. Generally a greeter is assigned one Sunday every two months; possibly additional assignments for Christmas, Easter or other special events. Weather permitting, greet guests outside in the courtyard; if inclement weather, in the Narthex. Welcome everyone; ask newcomers how they found us and present first timers with our gift bag. At the end of the service the greeter should be in the Narthex before the procession to invite and escort newcomers to Coffee Hour, to give a gift bag to any newcomer who did not receive one before the service and to introduce the newcomers to other parishioners. Please contact the Parish office for more information about the Greeters and Newcomers Committee.

Special Events

An individual whose drawn to special events enjoys contributing to the church community by serving others. This individual enjoys identifying events in addition to traditional/historical church events that will be enjoyed by the larger church community and potential new members of the church community and other guests. This individual may enjoy planning for celebrating the special events of the church and being a co-chair of an event that he/she may particularly be interested in organizing with the other members of the Special Events Committee. This person may simply enjoy cooking, setting up, decorating, serving, or cleaning up after events as his or her way to serve others. The Special Events Committee identifies a calendar of events for the year that will attract people, be useful to the church community and be fun. The committee then identifies the date of the event and two co-leaders of each event as well as other parishioners who need to be consulted about the event where applicable. This information is first reviewed with the Rector and then sent to the Vestry for approval. Any fundraiser must be approved by the Vestry. For more information about the Special Events Committee, please contact the Parish Office.