Other Ministries

Alter Guild

The Guild members are responsible for care of the vessels, candles, hangings, vestments, decorations, and linens for the Holy Eucharist, weddings, funerals and other special occasions.  They assist the clergy and acolytes in preparing for all liturgical occasions in the church and All Saints Chapel.  Bobby Gaines leads the members; Susan Barnes, Sandy Chapman, Margery Cousens, Jennette Rideout. Please contact the Parish office for more information about the Altar Guild.

Flower Guild

The members are responsible for the organization of flowers for all church events.  Under the leadership of Pam Fleming, our sanctuary always looks beautiful.

Men’s Group

The purpose of the men’s groupis to combine service to others with good fellowship. We believe that building and strengthening the bonds of friendship among ourselves will surely make us more effective in our service to others. Although many of us already engage in other lay ministries at Emmanuel, as a group we seek service opportunities that involve our working together.Please contact Steve MacAusland at 617-640-1091, or stevemacausland@gmail.com if you wish to know more this service/fellowship program.

Pastoral Care

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who cares for us and leads us in the path that God has set for all of us. We believe God calls us to actively care for one another. The mission of the Pastoral Care Committee is to help meet the spiritual needs of our parish family. The vision is to continue to build a strong foundation and to continue to grow from there. Emmanuel offers prayer, spiritual guidance and a true sense of belonging and love. We experience pastoral care through prayer, the prayer chain, the prayer basket, phone calls, card ministry, visitation, baptism, weddings, and funerals. Every Sunday there is a prayer basket available to parishioners to place the name of those they would like the congregation to pray for healing and wholeness.

There has been a card ministry serving Emmanuel faithfully. Pastoral care is also experienced whenever a parishioner reaches out lovingly to another. Audrey Bennett oversees the email prayer chain. Alongwith the Rector, Deb DeAscentis reaches out to those in need by phone and in person to offer support.

Tuesday Fellowship Group

The Tuesday Group gathers each Tuesday morning in the chapel to celebrate The Holy Eucharist, Rite One, then on to the Guild Room for tea, conversation and work on current projects of each individual’s choice. Among the group’s contributions to the church are the design and stitching of kneelers used in the chapel and at the altars; a new, white pall; the purchase and fitting of drapes in the Guild Room and the framed picture of Noah’s Ark which hangs in the chapel; look closely it is hand-stitched. Guests and newcomers are always welcome for fellowship and service.