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I am so incredibly thankful we found this wonderful school.

My daughter has attended EDS for the last year and I am so incredibly thankful we found this wonderful school. Beautiful facilities in a building adjacent to the Episcopal Church, and the children have access to the lovely grassed gardens for outside play time. I can’t speak highly enough of the staff – Terri, Kate and the principal Carissa. They genuinely care about each and every child and put so much creativity and effort into organizing the daily activities. My daughter has really blossomed at EDS. I am so sad we will be moving shortly as I wish all my children had the opportunity to experience such an enriching preschool. Can’t recommend it highly enough!!” -Mel B.

I highly recommend Emmanuel Day School to anyone currently residing or relocating to Newport, RI.

“As a military spouse and a mother of three children ages 5, 4, and 1, I understand how useful online reviews can be when researching area schools at our next duty station. I was surprised to see Emmanuel Day School had recently received such a negative review. My 4 year old daughter currently attends pre-school here and I couldn’t be happier. Not only is each teacher certified, the director of the school, Carissa Perkowski, has a Master’s of Education. She is extraordinarily hands on and spends each day involved with the children’s activities and instruction. The other two teachers, Mrs. Kate and Mrs. Terri are highly qualified, professional, kind, caring, and capable.  I receive a detailed report daily of my daughter’s activities including how she was feeling and how she interacts with the other children, as well as how much of her lunch and snack she eats. The school organizes fun and educational field trips a couple of times a month. The school also holds great night time events that the entire family is welcome to attend.  I can’t say enough about the daily lessons and instruction my daughter receives. She has completely blossomed when it comes to learning her letters and numbers. The teachers are very creative and make learning fun for the kids. The children have the opportunity to explore the classroom on their own, make fun messes, learn through dramatic play, and cook!  And speaking of the classroom, the facilities are outstanding! The school is part of the historic Emmanuel Church built in 1852. The building in beautiful. The children’s classroom is HUGE, well organized, and impeccably maintained. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this school. Moving to a new area can be quite intimidating when having to choose a school to send your children to. I highly recommend Emmanuel Day School to anyone currently residing or relocating to Newport, RI.” – Ashely H.

The school is very warm, cozy and inviting. 

“My family moved here in the fall of 2013. Our twin daughters had just turned 4 and after touring EDS as well as 3 other popular preschools we enrolled them at Emmanuel Day School. We love EDS!  It is a small church school with 3 teachers (all certified, of course).  Before I became a Mom, I was a certified, full-time elementary school teacher, so there were a lot of things I hoped to find in a preschool for my girls, and Emmanuel checked all the boxes. The school is very warm, cozy and inviting.  There is an emphasis on hands-on learning and exploring. I love that there is no daycare component… it is just a school with regular school hours (9-2). The children get a lot of attention since it is such a small school.  I love that there are no typical playground structures in the big, fully fenced church/school yard because the kids actually kick balls, blow bubbles, dig in dirt, and play interactive games like duck-duck-goose instead of loitering at a jungle gym.  After completing one year of preschool at EDS, our girls could have gone on to the public school for PreK, but we chose to enroll them back at Emmanuel for PreK because the school is so wonderful.  Call to set up an appointment for a tour and see for yourself!  I highly recommend Emmanuel Day School!” – Shana W.

We love everything about it.

“My daughter attends Emmanuel Day School and we love everything about it. The teachers are always cheerful, welcoming, and positive. The room is full of interesting educational toys and activities. The curriculum has our 3 year old learning very quickly and surprising us all the time with the things she’s learning. She’s learning new songs, making cool new art in ways we hadn’t tried before, learning about science, and getting darn good at writing her name! We are a military family who will only be in the area for a few months and they were completely welcoming and willing to work with our timeframe. Our girl is blossoming there, both educationally and socially- the teachers are helping our energetic and sometimes wild girl learn her manners and how to be a citizen and a classmate. Love the sight of coming to pick her up and she and her classmates are running in the church yard in their adorable uniforms. We will miss this place deeply when we go.” -Angela B.

I love that it’s a play based school – no worksheets here.

“A child is not a number at Emmanuel Day School, he/she is part of a family.  At Emmanuel Day School(EDS), children are heard, challenged, and loved.  It is a welcoming and nourishing place they love just as much as they are loved.  I couldn’t imagine a better preschool to send my children and I couldn’t recommend it enough. To say that the teachers are amazing is an understatement.  The curriculum is fun, engaging, and creative.  Each and every day students are exposed to different forms of art and music.  Activities change daily and the students interests’ help drive the areas of exploration and discovery. I love that it’s a play based school – no worksheets here.I have 3 years experience at EDS and I haven’t a single complaint.  My daughter entered Kindergarten with great confidence and a tremendous love for learning, and my son is thriving there as well.  I wouldn’t change a thing.” – Susan L.

The teachers are warm, compassionate and positive…

“My son attended Emmanuel Day School for 2 years (2012-2013 & 2013-2014), and we could not have been happier there.  I plan to send my daughter as soon as she turns 3!  The teachers are warm, compassionate and positive, and they continue to ask me about his progress even after he left the school.  They love their students!  In 2 short years, my son learned a great deal.  He learned to write & recognize his name, as well as write & recognize every letter of the alphabet. He recognizes numbers and counts to 100.  He learned to problem solve and become more independent, which was so important for us, and he loved every second of his time at school. We were extremely happy with the education he received, and we found the teachers to be exemplary.   At his new school, he is one of the more advanced students, and we have EDS to thank!Maybe most importantly, my son learned to love school, trust his teachers, and find joy in learning new things.  We could not have chosen a better place for him to begin his education.” – Tara W.

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