Our Day

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The Emmanuel Day School offers a full school day program for its students. We open our doors at 8am each day.

Arrival time is anywhere within the first hour. This time provides a window of opportunity for children to ease into their day. Parents are invited to stay and spend time with their child by enjoying such opportunities together as reading a book, working on a puzzle, exploring a center, or simply helping your child to feel more comfortable before separating for the day. It is also a wonderful time to speak with staff members.

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Early morning is time shared together as a whole group. In this multi-age grouping older children have more opportunities to nurture and model skills for younger children. Nurtured and encouraged by older peer models, they participate in more complex activities and develop at their own pace knowing that there are a variety of developmental expectations. These shared experiences nurture creative thinking skills, problem solving skills, vocabulary and social competencies for all age groups.  

8:00-9:00 Arrival Time/Center Activities

Morning Meeting

Introduction to calendar concepts, literacy and math foundations, weather explorations and Spanish. Interactive whole group meeting incorporating song and movement activities.

Parents contribute healthy snacks for the students to share each day. Students are taught self serve appropriate portions using the proper tools

Outdoor Play

Students engage in outdoor play at least twice each day. They use a variety of fun manipulatives to excite the imagination and inspire pretend play and new games. We firmly believe that children need fresh air and the opportunity to run and play freely after a morning of fun and educational development. We will make every effort to get outdoors each day. We will opt though on days of very inclement weather or dangerously cold temperatures to limit our outdoor time or we will engage in gross motor activities indoors.  

Chapel Meets two morning per week with Mother Anita. Using the Godly Play Program, students work together to retell stories using props.

Structured Centers

During this time of day we break up into smaller developmentally appropriate groupings. Based on the individualized needs of each child, we explore enriching opportunities in: Math Awareness, Literacy Foundations, Science Discovery, Music and Movement/Interpretive Dance, Social Studies, Art, Cooking and Dramatic Play.


Outdoor Play

Story and Music Explorations

Additional Centers Activities

2:00 Dismissal

Bible Study 9:00am, Sunday service 10:00 am, Coffee Hour 11:00 am.Click here