The Rev Della Wager Wells

Rector Della Wager Wells

Our Rector, Della Wager Wells, is a cradle Episcopalian and has been an active layperson from her childhood in Watertown, New York, to her adult years in Atlanta, Georgia, at the large urban parish where she was senior warden and developed and led a training program for laypersons to prepare them for leadership in the church. 

In 2008, Della became involved in the Compass Rose Society, an international mission organization supporting the relational ministry of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the global Anglican Communion.  Meeting and interacting with congregations from all over the Anglican Communion inspired Della to pursue ordained ministry.

Della retired in the fall of 2015 after 30 years of practicing law in Atlanta to begin seminary at Yale, and is married to Jere (pronounced Jerry).  Jere retired as assistant headmaster of a large Atlanta K-12 independent school shortly thereafter and is now the Director of the Educational Leadership and Ministry program at Yale Divinity School.  Della graduated from Berkeley Divinity School at Yale with her MDiv in May 2018 and was ordained by Bishop Knisely at St. Martins in Providence in June 2019.

Della and Jere just celebrated their 39th anniversary and have two adult children, a son Judson and a daughter Aubrey, and a Labrador puppy, Boie.

Della returned from the academic year  2018-2019 at St. Georges College in Jerusalem, an Anglican center for pilgrimage, study, and reconciliation, where she served as Berkeley Divinity School at Yales first Porter Fellow.  As Porter Fellow, she worked with St. Georges Cathedral, St. Georges College, and Jerusalem Peacebuilders, a reconciliation ministry for Israeli, Palestinian, and American teens.

Della and Jere both are thrilled to be in Rhode Island, where all three of their favorite food groups clams, lobster, and soft ice cream are in plentiful supply.  Jere enjoys fly fishing, sailing, and golf, and Della loves the Episcopal Church, global mission, choral music, and raising chickens.


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