Glenna Randall

Glenna is honored to be elected to the Vestry at Emmanuel Church, serving a three year term. She began attending services at Emmanuel during the summer of 2019 when she moved to Portsmouth.

Shortly after her daughter was born, the family moved across country to Pasadena, California where they had their Son. While raising her children she joined the Pasadena Art Workshop Council where she taught art classes.

Upon returning to Massachusetts, Glenna taught fourth grade at St George School in Westport. She also taught at Dartmouth Middle School as a Resource Teacher for sixth, seventh and eight graders. Five years ago, Glenna was hired by DNA Cruises as a tour guide for the cruise ships that come to Newport during the summer and fall.

Glenna looks forward to meeting people and continuing her involvement in projects at Emmanuel Church. Presently, she participates in the hydroponics program where the team grows kale and lettuce for the Martin Luther King Center in Newport.

She was elected in 2021 to serve a three year term.

Your Favorite Brass Quintet plays Sunday, July 3 at 9:30 am on the lawn