Creation Care

The Rhode Island Episcopal Diocese RISEN magazine 2019 included the many ways that Emmanuel Church, Newport has implemented Creation Care steps, page 16. Our homepage photo is from the article.

Throughout the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer, we are reminded that God created the heavens AND the earth. Formerly a committee chaired by Steve MacAusland, Creation Care / Environmental Stewardshipis now well established as part of our community, informing our worship, our education classes, Emmanuel Day School and our energy choices. The parish affirms that the Earth is sacred and is worthy of our love, respect, and protection. We gather together to share our stories, dreams, challenges, and successes of living in harmony with Creation.

Our ministry includes: composting, recycling, energy efficiency lighting and replacement, plus a hydroponic vegetable garden that feeds people in the community and serves as a teaching lab for our school. In 2017 the church won a Creation Care award from the national Episcopal Church with which we began our hydroponic garden, which shares space with the choir room. Students from a local college and their professor have created the space. Students from the school and parishioners learn about hydroponic garden. The produce helps to feed our guests at Soup’s On.

As a center for environmental initiatives Emmanuel is a leader in the state in minimizing paper and single use plastic items, as well as composting all the food from our school and “Soup’s On” program. We advise other congregations in the upgrades we have made to decrease our energy usage through LED lighting, insulation and programmable thermostats.

Bishop Knisely celebrates on Sunday Nov. 22 at 10:00 am Facebook Live