Rev’d Professor Maggi Dawn preaches

The Rev’d Professor Maggi Dawn (PhD) will preach on a Sunday in July, August and September before returning to England.
She grew up in England, and her first career was as a songwriter and performer in the music business. She then returned to university, taking degrees in theology at Cambridge University.
Since being ordained she has combined her love of the arts, theology and church life in a series of roles. She has been Fellow at Cambridge, then Associate Dean of Yale Divinity School, and more recently Professor of theology and college Principal at Durham University. In addition, she has spent time as Artist in Residence at the Diocese of Newark, NJ, Ruth Etchells Fellow and Visiting Fellow at Durham University, and a regular contributor on theology and the arts at the Church of the Heavenly Rest, NYC.
What links all of these are Maggi’s twin passions for theology and the visual and performing arts, and she is looking forward so much to joining the church community at Emmanuel where a vibrant church community sits alongside music and arts festivals of international renown.
More than anything Maggi loves the simple things in life — conversation with friends, a good meal, a walk along the coast, and a good tune!
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