Emmanuel Food Drive for MLK Center

As the economic effects of the continuing pandemic continue, the MLK Community Center Food Pantry is an even more important resource to our neighbors here in Newport.  Emmanuel Church is continuing to provide fresh produce grown on our hydroponic unit, as well as our ongoing collection of supplies for the Food Pantry.  Please remember our food basket in the church office when you are shopping for groceries and home supplies.

This is a very tough time for many of our neighbors, and MLK needs our help to build supplies at the pantry.  Our fresh produce and food supplies allow us to continue our Soup’s On ministry while COVID protocols keep us from gathering in person to cook and feed people at Emmanuel.  Please call or email Catherine Curtis (401-338-7816 or catherinecatink@gmail.com) to volunteer to help with the hydroponic unit, or Valerie Martin (401-662-7453 or vam712@aol.com) to help with gathering monthly supplies for the Food Pantry in this essential food-sharing ministry.

Here’s what the Food Pantry needspantry staples (flour, sugar, condiments, baking mixes, salad dressing), Gluten Free Foods, jelly, canned protein (other than tuna), side items (rice pilaf, instant potatoes, noodles and sauce, quinoa, couscous), breakfast items (cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix), canned veggies, canned and dry fruit, tomato items, household cleaners and toiletries, beverages and large, hearty soups

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