Art Piano

Randy Elkins is leading a project to create an Art Piano for public use in the Emmanuel church yard. Public pianos are found in many city centers around the United States and abroad. This is, in fact, Randy’s 4th public piano to date.
One question that many have is, “will it stay outside?” This is followed by, “what about the weather?” These are excellent questions and the answer is yes, the weather will alter the condition of the piano. For this reason only pianos that are no longer wanted for more typical uses are used to create art pianos.
Larry Brown, piano technician and friend of Emmanuel, donated this from his collection of old pianos that are in storage. We’re actually giving this piano a new life.
The process begins with preparing the piano’s finish to accept paint then giving it a base coat. Randy and his sister, Suzy Crowe, did this during her recent visit to Newport. Suzy also began the lettering with the quotation on the side of the piano and lettering our often used word Marvelous across the front. Now the process of adding more decorative touches has begun.
YOU are invited to help us decorate. The piano will remain in the Library for most of July. Please stop by and draw a flower, decorate around someone else’s offering, add an appropriate saying, etc.
Once finished and placed outside, passersby will be welcome to come in the gate and play a tune or two. Randy’s other pianos have also been used for children’s piano recitals, church services and weddings!
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