Annual Service Award

We have a history of annually recognizing a parishioner who have given memorable service to Emmanuel.  In 2022, the Vestry approved the establishment of the award as the Lillian G. Hargrove Award as a tribute to Lil for her years of memorable service and for which she can never be thanked enough.

The recipient for 2022 is Bobby Gaines Jr.

Just as Lil, the award’s new namesake, exemplifies faithful commitment and service, Bobby has served Emmanuel selflessly all his life. He grew up at Emmanuel Church, led Scout troops, led and trained generations of acolytes, and is a main component of Emmanuel’s institutional memory. Bobby is the face returning Emmanuelites remember and recognize, as he continues in his lifelong service of replacing candle wicks, polishing brass, leading the greening of the church at Christmas, finding lost altar cloths, setting the hymn boards, changing the altar frontals and paraments, serving almost every Sunday, year in and year out, as crucifer and acolyte, and adapting seamlessly to the practices and theology of individual priests in matters of Advent liturgical colors, camel placement, and hand washing.

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Palm Sunday - April 2nd at 8 & 10 am | Maundy Thursday - April 6 at 6 pm | Easter - April 9 at 10 am